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A small coalition of Christians, humanitarians and human rights advocates formed the End Nuba Genocide (ENG) project in early 2012 and began missions to the war torn Nuba Mountains of S. Kordofan, Sudan. The conflict had produced tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs), and resulted in catastrophic loss of life, property and livelihoods of countless civilians. It was in this climate, a few likeminded individuals and churches decided to take a stand and some degree of risk to help stem the tide of destruction and injustice. In 2013, a little known, unengaged people group in the southeastern part of the region was contacted with great effort, to start a chain of relief missions and the beginnings of the introduction of the Gospel. In 2014, the Greater Nuba Ac†sion Coalition (GNAC) was formed in partnership with Vision 5:9, ENG and several faith-based organizations with the goal of focusing on both the spiritual and physical needs of the Nuba as a holistic ministry partnership. The initial work of relief missions from outside has now grown into a broad network of individuals, organizations, churches and coalitions working from the inside out.



The first gathering of GNAC exceeded our expectations. It was designed to go beyond information sharing and strategic planning, to focus on bringing together the Body of Christ for the express purpose of increasing the capabilities and capacity of organizations and individuals to reach the Nuba people of Sudan with the Gospel and aid. In addition, we purposed to unify the body of Christ to maximize the impact of future efforts to uplift the Nuba in the midst of war, persecution, and attacks on civilians.

• Over 40 representatives of churches from across the region and globe attended the conference
• Several faith-based organizations contributed to the conference with funds and personnel
• The Nuba themselves led much of the conference from prayer to praxis
• Furthermore, the subsequent mission resulted in the spread of the Gospel into the Eastern Nuba Mts., while delivering 20 tons of sorghum, and life-saving medicines
• Combined efforts of ENG and GNAC and its partners have resulted in over 120 tons of grain and over $5K in medicine and school supplies taken to the Nuba since the current war started


Create a global network of prayer and support for the Sudanese church led by members of the Nuba, Sudanese and South Sudanese diasporas, as well as individuals and organizations from around the world.


Transformation of people and communities through the establishment of the Gospel in the lives and institutions of the Nuba so both their spiritual and physical needs will be met.


On February of 2017 GNAC along with AIM International and Operation Broken Silence delivered 10 Tons of nutritive supplement to the Rhino refugee camp in Northern Uganda. This effort was done in conjunction with the Nuba Mountain International Association, the Nuba Refugee Council, MTI and e3 Partners. The collective effort gave 3-5 months of supplemental nutrition to almost 500 families suffering from undernourishment and nursing mothers.


These represent four functional areas of the coalition’s mission, all of which are undergirded by the two greatest commandments; to love your neighbor as yourself, by loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Each of the pillars have teams associated with them composed of members of organizations and churches, who desire to serve as contacts both for those in the field and supporters outside of the focus areas. Pillar leaders act as conduits to help determine needs within the communities we serve and channel resources to meet them whenever and wherever possible.

Gospel Outreach

Evangelism, discipleship, church planting and scripture access are the key drivers for spreading the word of God among people groups. GNAC member organizations bring their own gifts and talents while looking for synergies and opportunities to collaborate with others and infuse the activities of the other pillars with the life-saving message of the Gospel.


Working in a war torn region of the world often necessitates urgent mediation to save lives. Food, medicines and even clothing become scarce at times as people are forced to move from place to place and separated from their means of making a living and providing for themselves. GNAC partners with NGOs and governments to address exigent needs within the community.


The need to educate the next generation has never been more urgent and apparent than now, with thousands of children unable to go to school because of a lack of resources; teachers, school supplies, classrooms and the stability of a permanent residence, food, and adequate health care. Thus, we endeavor to stand in the gap by making it a priority to support schools and teachers as well as programs that train them.

Capacity Building

In the long term institutions must be built, infrastructure established, and foundations formed to allow the Nuba to once again become self-sufficient and productive in their own right. GNAC seeks to support no only the institution of the church, but engage in community transformation to see all of the institutions that serve the Nuba flourish and grow on par with the rest of the country.


How GNAC Plans to fulfill this mission

Build coalition members in alignment with the mission statement and Great Commission per Matt 28:19
Partner with other Christian organizations and coalitions to leverage the full potential of the body of Christ per Ephesians 4:16
Empower the local Sudanese churches north and south to transform their communities and become sending institutions of change according to Matt 16:18
Support outreach to the Nuba in the form of church planting, discipleship, scripture engagement and overall edification amongst UPGs and PPGs in alignment with Acts 2:47
Utilize technology and social media to connect churches around the world to the Nuba cause and begin creating powerful networks of spiritual support and developmental assistance per Romans 12:4-5
Work with secular NGOs and governments to effect change on a societal level where appropriate as understood by Romans 13:1
Channel resources to support the church in Nuba and lend humanitarian aid to relieve suffering according to James 2:14-16

GNAC Connects Churches and Individuals

The hope is to connect both at the individual church level and the denominational level to rapidly expand the prayer network. Using social networks and media (secure), we will to connect churches and draw members of the Body of Christ’s believers worldwide closer to the Body of Christ in Nuba as it emerges from Civil War and darkness. This will in turn lift the Body elsewhere out of ignorance of, indifference to, and complacency toward the persecuted church in Sudan and elsewhere.

GNAC Connects Organizations

In order to empower the Body function as a whole in a more purposive and strategic manner, we will unite Christian organizations with operations in Sudan/South Sudan and leverage their complementary skills and abilities. This level of coordination gives both the Nuba and those working with them to better understand the big picture of what God is doing in, among and through His people as they labor in His field.




• “Champions” inside Christian churches, coalitions, denominations, and organizations that will be the point of contact for the institution to ensure unbroken lines of communication
• Host churches that will hold events, create support networks, and adopt “sister churches” in Sudan to become beacons of light
• Feeds such as twitter or list serves to give timely updates on issues and items for prayer and praise reports
• Coordination with workers in the field to obtain timely and relevant information on the progress and challenges of the various ministries GNAC supports

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