GNAC VII International Conference Green Valley Guest House, Entebbe, Uganda November 1st – 3rd, 2021 “Do it again Lord!”

“Do it again Lord!”

Come join GNAC Partners for Spirit-filled time of prayer, worship and in-depth strategy focus over two-and-a-half-day event packed with useful information, practical application, collaboration initiatives, and action plan implementation

Participants will:

  • Engage with indigenous leaders from Nuba and the Sudans and international partners
  • Participate in highly interactive planning and implementation sessions
  • Receive new insights on how to reach the unreached and spread the Good News
  • Gain understanding of the complexities & solutions to sharing with many groups/languages
  • Build a “manual” for operating ministry in Nuba Mts or wherever the Lord calls you
  • Make contacts and build strategic alliances to expand your network and strengthen your ministry
Conference Started

The Greater Nuba Ac†sion Coalition (GNAC)

GNAC started with the simple idea of basing a coalition on the unity and synergy found in the Book of Acts, where believers shared all things in common and worked unflinchingly toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission, along the way ministering to physical as well as spiritual needs of all those they encountered.


Unlike a faith-based NGO, GNAC fulfills its mission and vision by working in conjunction with partner organizations like Africa Inland Mission (AIM), One Tribe and Sister Effect, Joining Our Voices and Nuba Christian Family Mission, Lift up the Vulnerable, Jesus Film, Partners International, e3 Partners, ACROSS, International Aid Services.  Frontiers, and Pioneers.  Also partner coalitions like the Sahel Initiative, Vision 5:9, GACX and the Missions Awareness Consultative Conf. (MACC).  


Lastly, the many churches and individuals in Sudan and globally working to make a difference in our world. The Four Pillars of Gospel, Education, Relief and Capacity Building, along with the annual conference bringing the world to the isolated Nuba people, are the two main vehicles GNAC uses to coalesce the many giftings and talents of its members into ACTsion!

First GNAC conference in Yei South Sudan Nov. 2014 while the war was raging in the north.


Transformation of people and communities through the establishment of the Gospel in the lives and institutions of the Nuba so both their spiritual and physical needs will be met.


Create a global network of prayer and support for the Sudanese church led by members of the Nuba, Sudanese and South Sudanese diasporas, as well as individuals and organizations from around the world.

Where is Nuba?