The Greater Nuba Ac†sion Coalition (GNAC)

Currently, thousands of people are fleeing from conflict zones in and around Khartoum, as well as throughout Western Sudan (Darfur). Many of these individuals will end up in neighboring countries or the Nuba Mountains. As this vulnerable community prepares to welcome their fellow countrymen, organizations such as GNAC will be standing alongside the Nuba, ready to offer assistance to the weary and broken-hearted.

In addition to addressing immediate needs, GNAC is committed to building sustainability into all of its programs and ministries for the Nuba and their neighbors. Through ADAPT, our agriculture and aquaculture transformation project spearheaded by Filipino missionary Danny Siega, we hope to create a surplus economy for cash crop production and increase sources for protein (fish). We are also working on teacher training, peace-building, and oral Bible translation projects that will help the Nuba towards a prosperous future.GNAC has added key staff in Juba, South Sudan, to help facilitate partner engagement with the many faith-based NGOs operating there, as well as a coordinator for the One Tribe peace program and ADAPT.  

The GNAC HQ staff organized a Discipleship Making Conference in April 2023 after the highly successful 2022 International Conference held in Heiban, Nuba Mountains. These events have allowed thousands of people to experience the love of Christ and the message of the Good News. However, this comes at a cost to both those who receive it and our organization as we enter our 10th year. To continue reaching the unreached across Nuba and Sudan, we are seeking monthly donors and one-time gifts to support our ongoing projects, additional personnel, and expansion.


Transformation of people and communities through the establishment of the Gospel in the lives and institutions of the Nuba so both their spiritual and physical needs will be met.


Create a global network of prayer and support for the Sudanese church led by members of the Nuba, Sudanese, and South Sudanese diasporas, as well as individuals and organizations from around the world.

Quick Stats So Far in 2023

Engaged 12 new people groups

– Included 4 untranslated languages of UPG tribes in the Oral Bible Storytelling/Trauma Healing Project

– Assessed 6 new tribes for ministry opportunities

– Welcomed 5 new ministry partners to the GNAC collaborative network

– Had 50 participants in the first major conference (DMM) of the year

– Acquired 1 vehicle for travel and logistics

The first GNAC conference took place in Yei, South Sudan, in November 2014, during the war in the north.4 Untranslated Languages of UPG Tribes Included in Oral Bible Storytelling/Trauma Healing Project

6 New tribes (people groups) encountered and assessed for ministry opportunities

5 New ministry partners welcomed to the GNAC collaborative network

50 Participants in the first major conference (DMM) of the year

1 Vehicle acquired to help with travel and logistics 

First GNAC conference in Yei South Sudan Nov. 2014 while the war was raging in the north.